UL-Logistics is a company that operates in Uruguay, as an International Cargo Agent, dedicated to providing integrated logistics services.


Our purpose is to provide customized solutions to the needs of each client. We are a company that combines a team of young professionals with a network of recognized agents in the main cities of the world. In this way our advice in logistics, aims to improve your cost ratios in the production chain and the timely positioning of your loads.


We seek to consolidate ourselves in the Uruguayan market as a company of personalized services, fulfilling and exceeding the expectations of our clients through creative, innovative and, above all, reliable solutions.


We intend to become partners of each of our clients by providing them with the necessary solutions in order to contribute to the efficient development of their business activities.



Our strength lies in people, we understand that they are the fundamental pillar to provide high quality services.


We have a professional, young and committed team that understands that respect, sincerity and cordiality are the only form of interaction with both our suppliers and our customers.

Responsibility and commitment

All our actions are supported by these values. We are committed to our clients to fulfill our proposals.


We study the needs of our clients in a professional framework, with knowledge of foreign trade and above all of the options and possibilities that are currently in force in the country. Foreign trade regulations, as well as service options and rates are very variable over time, so we are continuously updating.


It is a fundamental value for the actions of all our collaborators.


We understand that the clarity and veracity of the information we provide is a fundamental input for our clients. This enables them to make well-founded decisions, and also to defend their own image in front of their clients.


Handling information in advance is an essential value so that our clients can make decisions early, and in many cases preventive to possible bottlenecks in foreign trade matters.


Our function as a company dedicated to international logistics, is to place the products of our customers in the right place, at the right time and in the desired conditions.


Ensuring service quality and achieving the conformity of our customers is priority. The information and timely communication at all stages of the process is our greatest ally to strengthen the link with our customers, ensuring a continuous update of the status of their loads, and thus contribute to their proper business planning.


In UL-Logistics, we seek to find together with you the means that best suit the needs of your company, providing services and solutions: storage in the country and abroad, deposits for consolidation / deconsolidation of loads, internal transport, regional operations through Free Trade Zones, among others.

Maritime / fluvial transport, is today the medium that mobilizes more than 90% of the loads that are traded internationally. UL-Logistics ensures the best quality-price ratio in any of the modes of this type of transport, whether full container, dry or refrigerated, partial load, bulk cargo, or special pieces. We operate with specialized agents in all commercial blocks: Northern Europe, North America, Central and South America, Far East and Africa.


Within our door-to-door service we plan and carry out your entire transport chain for you.

We understand that air cargo transportation applies to situations of special interest, whether due to the urgency of the shipment or because of the delicacy or cost of the merchandise.

Trust our proven experience in the design and control of air transport, in order to ensure an efficient service and with the greatest commitment and dedication of our team in this task. We have agreements with the main airlines that connect Uruguay with the world.


Benefits of air transport:

  • Agility: it is the fastest means of transport that exists today.
  • Safety: the risks of damage to the merchandise are reduced, due to the shorter trajectory time and the better dynamics of the aircraft with respect to other means.
  • Speed: Less stay of loads at transfer points.


Our commitment is based on providing service with responsibility and efficiency.



How to Import in Uruguay?

  • The import consists in the introduction to the market for the consumption of merchandise coming from outside the national customs territory, subject to the payment of taxes or to the protection of the corresponding franchises (Article 20 Código Aduanero Nacional).
  • The importer must have a company (unipersonal, S.A., S.R.L., etc.) registered and registered with the Dirección General Impositiva (DGI), the Banco de Previsión Social (BPS) and the Banco de Seguros del Estado (BSE).
  • The importer requests the services of a Customs Dispatcher (Asociación de Despachantes de Aduana del Uruguay)
  • The Customs Dispatcher, according to the documents sent by the importer and prior classification of the merchandise in the Nomenclatura Común del Mercosur (NCM), makes and sends the Documento Único Aduanero (DUA) together with the tax assessment for the amount corresponding to the Dirección Nacional de Aduanas (DNA), for verification.

What documents are necessary to import?

Commercial invoice:

Document in which the conditions of sale of the goods and their specifications are fixed. It serves as proof of the sale, required for export in the country of origin and for importation into the country of destination. It is also used as proof of the commercial contract.

The following information must appear on an invoice: date of issue, name and address of the exporter and the foreign importer, description of the merchandise, payment terms and delivery terms.


Packing list:

It is a document that allows the exporter, the carrier, the insurance company, the customs and the buyer, identify the goods and know what each package or box contains; therefore, a methodical packing list must be made, which matches the invoice.

Bill of Lading:

It is a document of maritime transport that is used in the framework of a contract for the transport of goods in a regular line ship. The purpose of this document is to establish the rules of the contractual relationship between the shipper, the consignee of the cargo and the carrier, giving confidence to each party regarding the behavior of the others.

How is the volume calculation related to the type of transport?

Air freight 1 m3 =     167 kg
Land freight 1 m3 =     333 kg
Maritime freight 1 m3 =  1,00 kg

What's the difference between MBL and HBL?

MBL (Master Bill of Lading): Issued by ocean transport to cover between the Forwarder and the recipient on behalf of the Forwarder. It is the contract between Forwarder and ocean transport.

HBL (House Bill of Lading): Issued by Forwarder, it covers the contract between the client producing the merchandise and its importing client in the country of destination.

What is the Document for air transport?

Air waybill or AWB:

It is a document issued by an international airline of goods, evidence of the contract of transport, but it is not a document of ownership of the goods. Therefore, the air waybill is non-negotiable.

The air waybill is the document that is equivalent to the Bill of Lading but used in the air transport of merchandise, by which the company recognizes the fact of the shipment of merchandise and expresses the conditions of the agreed transport and that fulfills diverse functions, namely:

  • Contract of transport
  • Proof of receipt of the goods
  • Boarding list, in which all the documents accompanying the shipment are listed and the user’s special instructions are noted
  • Bill for freight and charges charged
  • Document for the procedures of CUSTOMS
  • Certification of the clearance of the goods

How is air freight calculated?

  • The costs (air freight rates) are always calculated per kg / vol. They can also be expressed as a volume ratio of 1:6 or 1m3 = 167 kg. Tasables. Therefore, for the air transport of your shipment, you pay for the volume or the weight of your cargo.
  • The calculation is always based on the following formula, regardless of whether you pay for the weight or the volume:
  • Length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) / 6000 (corresponds to the volumetric weight in kg)


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